• Hong Kong Phowa Retreat 2019: Instructed by Venerable Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

    Lama Tenzin + Ani Choying Drolma Concert
    Event Detail

    December 25-29, 2019


    AsiaWorld Expo, Hong Kong


    Teaching in Tibetan with Mandarin, Cantonese and English translation.


    2300 HKD
    - including the expenses of chant books, vegetarian lunch provided for four days, snacks, meditation cushion, and a ticket of Lama Tenzin and Ani Choying Drolma Concert on December 29, 2019.


    Phowa practice, Mahakala and Vajrakilaya practice, Chod practice, The Amitayus Buddha (Longevity Buddha) empowerment, Wealth deity empowerment, the oral instruction of "The Light of Wisdom." Chanting will be led by Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling senior chant master Lama Tenzin Sangpo along with beautiful chanting performed by Ani Choying Drolma. 

    Steps to register

    Click the“Registration” button → Fill in the event registration form and submit it → Send the payment → A receipt will be provided → Registration confirmation will be provided via email within 30 days. 


    Buddhists or non-Buddhists who are devoted to the pure land and aged above 18.  Also, it is required to finish chanting the short version of Vajrasattva Mantra for one hundred thousand times, or The 100-Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva for ten thousand times, before the retreat. 


    Please contact:, or add the WeChat ID: DSAF2019

    Cancellation policy

    If the applicant cannot attend the retreat, the paid payment will not be refunded. The seat for the retreat is non-transferable but the ticket of Lama Tenzin and Ani Choying Drolma Concert can be transferred to another person.


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